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What is the game of Paintball?

Combine the game of capture the flag with chess, mix in hide ‘n’ seek and add a large dose of adrenaline. Paintball is challenging and fast-paced. As few as two or as many as forty can play. Here at Santa Clara Paintball each team starts at its own side of the field. A starting signal is given and each team tries to eliminate the other team¹s players. When a player gets tagged hit by a paintball he/she is out of the game. Elimination is a popular game simply where one team eliminates the other and whoever does it the fastest wins the game.

Statistics on Paintball

You have less of a chance of being injured playing paintball than you do golfing, boating, and even bowling! Statistic is based on all injuries requiring medical attention or causing the participant to lose at least 1 day of work. (Source: SGMA International)

The latest statistical data shows that only .2 injuries per 1,000 exposures; giving paintball the lowest injury rate of any “extreme” sport. According to Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, the average player will only suffer an injury about once every 500 years.

What Should I Wear?

We recommend that you wear long pants, and long sleeves. Comfortable clothing that covers as much as possible. The fill inside paintballs is non-toxic, non-caustic, water-soluble and biodegradable. It rinses out of clothing and off skin with mild soap and water. Gloves are also nice to have. A bandana is a inexpensive and effective way to cover your neck. Good running shoes or boots will keep your feet happy. Especially remember to wear a hat or helmet, a baseball cap or beanie is a good idea. Lastly, if you are inclined to jump, dive, or other hero-like actions, we recommend elbow and knee pads. Remember, we are outdoors so dress for it.

What if it rains?

Rain or shine we are open year around.

Does it hurt when you get hit by a paintball?

If a paintball hits you fired from close range (15 feet or less) it does sting a bit. We are an extremely family oriented facility and set up for beginners and kids. We do not allow people to be shot at a close range. Here at Santa Clara Paintball half of our customers on any given day are first time players, we separate everyone by skill levels. In the beginner games the pressure on the paintball marker is set at a lower setting than intermediate or advanced. Most people tell you that after the first time you’ve been hit. It’s rarely an issue.

Do you have food available at SCP?

Santa Clara Paintball sells chips, candy, water, energy drinks and Gatorade. In the past SCP has sold food, but with so many restaurants nearby it simply would not sell. Over the years we have found customers prefer to either bring their own food to enjoy in our picnic facility, have pizza delivered, or go to a nearby restaurant and come back. 

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, you may we have a covered picnic area where you can sit and enjoy your snack and drinks. Great for birthday parties. You can even have a pizza delivered right to the field. We have water, sports drinks, sodas and energy drinks available at the park. No Alcoholic beverages are permitted anywhere on the premises.

For safety reasons BBQ or cooking grills are not permitted at Santa Clara Paintball Park.

How old do you have to be to play paintball?

We recommend that you are at least 10 years of age. Children under the age of 18 will need to have their parents complete the online waiver in order to play at SCP.  

This is my first time ever playing. Will I be playing with experts?

No! Here at SCP our first priority is safety first. We split everyone up based on skill levels. Beginners, Intermediates, & Advanced. All players with rental equipment will be placed with our beginners. All Self equipped players will be on either intermediate or advanced levels. You will have the choice to move up in skill levels but self equipped players are never allowed in the beginners games. This is to ensure an enjoyable experience to all SCP players.

Can I bring my own Paintballs?

Yes, under certain conditions … but in our rental equipment, we only allow field paint. If you are a self equipped player you may bring your own paint at a $10.00 fee to have one of our referees check it and make sure that it is safe. WE DO NOT ALLOW: Red fill, Pink fill, Blue fill due to the fact that it stains clothing and bunkers. Also, nothing with a latex shell. We have found that the shell does not break on contact, therefore causing pain when it hits you. WE DO ALLOW: Anything with gel shell these break on contact.

How much paint will I use?

Depending on how trigger happy the player is the average player will go through about 500 rounds in an hour and a half to two hours & around 750 – 1,000 rounds in a day.

What is required to rent equipment at SCP?

We require a credit card or driver’s license as collateral per group at the time you pick up your rental equipment. We will return it to you when the equipment is returned at the end of the day.

Is Paintball Safe?

Although paintball has been categorized as an “extreme” sport, paintball is one the safest sports currently played today. At SCP we have well trained referees that will go through an orientation with you once you have your equipment and before you go on the field. They will show you how to use the guns to what to do and what not to do. Each player must wear approved safety goggles and, in addition to goggles, we enforce the use of Barrel Covers at all times. Safety is the most important thing to us at SCP. If someone is not following the rules at SCP our staff will not hesitate to ask them to leave.

What kind of facility is SCP?

At Santa Clara Paintball we are family oriented, and offer fields for all skill levels. We have several different exciting themed Courses as well as a world class tournament field. We offer Tournament Speedball, New Hyperball fields, SCP is convenient and easy to find. Customer Service and Safety are our #1 priority. You will play a lot of games at our facility. There is not much waiting around. We run games every 5-7 minutes so you will get the most for your money. If you just wanted to take a break and just watch your friends playing we have viewing areas with benches and bleachers.

What kind of Playing fields do you have?

Our fast pace paintball is extremely strategic and is played on a variety of fields. We have multiple themed playing areas. Our popular castle, urban town, box maze, and two world class air ball field’s offer something for everyone. Our facility will provide a full day of excitement, challenges and fun.

Can I bring my own Equipment?

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your own equipment. All self equipped players will be placed on either our intermediate or advanced level teams depending on your skill level. We do not allow self equipped players to play on the beginner teams. If you are coming with friends who do not have their own equipment you might think about renting our equipment or asking your friends to move up to the intermediate level teams. That way you will all be able to play together on the same team. The other option is if you had a party of fifteen or more you could request to play privately amongst yourselves. Please see private event information for more details.

Can I have a Private Event at SCP?

Yes, Santa Clara Paintball is a perfect place to have birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, company team building events, or just a day of fun with friends and family. We offer different packages and discounts depending on the size of your group. Events scheduled outside of SCP normal business hours require a 10 person $65.00 minimum per player. During our normal business hours,  groups of 15 or more may request to play privately amongst themselves for an additional fee of $10.00 per person. Groups of 20 or more players will have an additional fee of $5.00 per person. With our large covered picnic area SCP is very accommodating to meet everyone’s needs. We look forward to assisting you in planning your next event.