Paintball is a high-intensity, adrenaline-filled adventure sport geared towards players 10 and up. Equipped with paintball markers and masks, participants go head-to-head across multiple themed fields in an assortment of games; each one more challenging than the last. Players will feel immersed in the action as they try to capture flags, rescue hostages, hold positions, and other scenarios under the watchful eye of trained referees. Fun is in no short supply, so step up and take a shot.



Curious to try your hand at paintball, but not ready for the full intensity? Looking for a leisurely activity that will still get your heart racing? Low-Impact paintball is the first step towards introducing children age 8-12 to the game and is perfect for birthday parties. Using special markers and paintballs traveling much slower than typical, our Low-Impact equipment is designed to give you the realism and rush of paintball while reducing the “sting” of being hit making it virtually painless. This is an outdoor adventure appropriate for aspiring paintball players of all ages.



JrSplat is the most popular new birthday party adventure for kids. It’s so much fun that kids as young as eight and as old as 100 can enjoy running around our smaller-scale paintball fields designed specifically for this game. Played with spring-powered markers and much smaller paintballs, groups of 10 or more can now enjoy the challenge and excitement of paintball with none of the impact. Whatever your celebration come out to Santa Clara Paintball for an unforgettable adventure and quality time with friends and family.



It’s a new spin on an old classic! This outdoor laser tag adventure puts you behind a real paintball marker designed to shoot lasers, so you have all the fun and none of the mess. Perfect for children and adults age 6 and older, laser tag is an activity the whole family will enjoy. Combine wit and prowess to establish your dominance on our designated laser tag field.

If that wasn’t enough, laser tag is MOBILE and ready to roll into your next birthday party, social gathering, or corporate event. Enjoy this mind-blowing new approach to laser tag in the comfort of your own surroundings!



Travel to a distant planet or walk through a dinosaur adventure! Up to 2 people at a time, players will feel immersed in a virtual world using motion capture technology and the latest in Virtual Reality hardware. You’ll have the chance to experience something like never before!



Enjoy 3 great activities in 1 great package.  No paint, no mess!

• Bazooka Ball
• Lasertag
• Virtual Reality