In this game, the object is to get your “bomb” into the enemy’s deadbox which is also known as the touchdown zone. If you touch the enemy’s bomb, you blow up and lose one of your 4 lives.


In this game, you have a finite number of lives ranging from 1-5 and the object of the game is to survive the longest with the most lives.


In this game, you have a finite number of lives ranging from 1-4 and the object is to capture the flag in the middle of the field and take it to your enemy’s deadbox. The first team to do so without getting shot, wins. If you get shot while carrying the flag, you have to drop it where you are and it becomes fair game.


In this game, each team designates a president by a paper towel worn on one side of their mask. Depending on your group size; 10 or less people have 1 bodyguard, 10 or more people have 2 bodyguards. The president and bodyguard(s) both have 1 life; the president can be shot anywhere, and the bodyguard(s) can only be shot in the head or surrendered. Everyone else playing are called mercenaries, they have 2 lives and can be shot anywhere. There are 2 ways to win; either eliminate the other team’s president (elimination) or get your president safely to the other team’s dropbox (transportation).


In this game everyone has unlimited lives. There are 3-5 cardboard boxes strategically placed throughout the field and the object is to get as many boxes as you can onto the enemy’s side. *You can’t cross the 50 yard line* If you get shot, you must drop your box. The team with the most boxes on their side loses.


In this game, the teams are not allowed to cross the 50 yard line unless they get shot. Once you are shot, you then must join the enemy team. The game is played until only 2 players are left on one team, in which the opposing team wins.


In this game, each team has 1 medic which is designated by a paper towel worn on their mask. When a player is shot, they must take a knee until the team medic comes and tags them back in. The medic only has 1 life, if the medic is shot then the whole team is on their last life.


In this game, the team is divided up; 1/3-1/4 of the team goes in one of the castles and cannot leave. This part of the team only has 1 life and are eliminated with headshots only, the rest of the team has 2 lives and can be shot anywhere. The castle team must defeat the team outside of the castle in order to win the game, and vice versa. OR the team outside can stick a gun in the door or window and call surrender to beat the castle team as well.


This game is restricted at 50 yard line for the first 5 minutes and you have infinite lives. If you are shot, you must tap the deadbox and you then can respawn after 5 minutes, but only within the first 5 minutes of the game. The final 2 minutes of the game, the 50 yard line opens to full field and everyone only has 1 life. The team left standing wins.


In this game, you have infinite lives the entire game and can use the full field as well. The game ends when your team controls 80% of the field.


In this game, each time a referee yells out “switch”, everyone must move up a bunker and you have 10 seconds to do so. If you don’t switch or rotate/move bunkers, you will be called out and lose a life. The team that is last standing wins.


In this game, it is a one life elimination. The team left standing wins.


In this game, one team designates a president with a paper towel worn on their mask. The team with the president is made up of 1/3 of players on the field. Every player on the president’s team is a body guard with only 1 life and only are eliminated with a headshot. The other 2/3 of players on the field are assassins and get 2 lives. If the assassins eliminate the president, or if all of the assassins are eliminated, then the game is over.


In this game, you start with 4 lives. There is a box placed in the middle of the field and each team gets a flag which they must place inside of the box. The team to hold their flag inside the box for 2 minutes wins. There is a 15ft no camping zone around the box.